At this week post I would like to share with you an article by one of GAIAs Alumni: Ana Isabel Rueda Bravo. She has written a brief description of the current module studied at the Master in Professional Development.

In this module we learned about the main aspects of corporate legal environment. Some practical cases were discussed, for instance, the features of a legal contract in corporations or the importance of the duty of loyalty.

To be an entrepreneur requires some characteristics like vision, teamwork, curiosity and perseverance.
Related to this, a practical exercise was made: we work in groups in order to find and fill some gap in the market. A business model was developed. Doing this exercise, we learned how entrepreneurs work and we have a practical experience like if we were one of them.
In a corporate environment different laws regulate; starting a business, the organization and the operation of the corporation.
There are many factors that have to be contemplated in a corporate environment. Such as the competition laws which regulate the market, factors that affect international business, trade and global requirements. For instance, geopolitical factor determines how international business behaves.


I invite you to share your opinions about this specific module and most important of all, the knowledge you´re acquiring that will be helpful in the future. You can also tweet your comments mentioning @gaiaprogram!

Nice Week!

Luisa Sousa

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