Master in Decision Making & Innovation by GAIA by FUE is a postgraduate program for recent graduates that combines online learning and internship in enterprises. Fundación Universidad-Empresa and Universidad de Alcalá has been developing this master together along 10 years.

Our main objective is to approach the intern to the professional world in order to enhance the employability and train the professionals of the future with a methodology based on innovation and decision making.


GAIA Program is a program of the Fundación Universidad-Empresa

accredited by the Universidad de Alcalá.

Partner Companies

The Master Degree

Master in Decision Making & Innovation 2.0 is an initiative of Fundación Universidad-Empresa and a Master’s degree from Universidad de Alcalá. It consists of 90 ECTS credits, from which 54 are academic credits and 36 credits correspond to your internship at the company.

This Master is composed of the academic part and the internship part. It consists of 7 monthly modules, 1elective module and a Final Project. The internship part consists of a continuous evaluation module about your internship at the company.

The training of the Master is 100% online, in English and it is developed at the same time the students are doing their internship at the company. The training is carried out through a collaborative platform.

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I want to be GAIA

i want to be gaia

Jobs of the future will be based on talent; because today’s companies do not just look for degrees they demand achievements, employees with know-­‐how, innovation and creative.

Are you a recent graduate or are you almost finished with your undergraduate degree? Would you like to gain experience in a big company? Work in a field that you are prepared for? Work in Spain or abroad and thus improve your English?

With GAIA program you can participate in a postgraduate internship and, at the same time, be enrolled in a Masters in professional development.

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Benefits of GAIA program



Master online that facilitates implementing the academic training received.



But rigorous learning program based on a 4.0 online community



(from 800 euro up)





(90 ECTS credits)



Facts and Figures

One of the keys of the GAIA program success is the support provided by its partnering companies and the talent and dedication of our students.


100% of the partner companies would recommend this program to other companies as a method of recruitment and selection of talent.

empresas 8 10

8 out of 10 collaborating companies have offered our students the opportunity to join their work teams once the program is completed.

Since it started in 2007 over 800 companies have participated in the GAIA Program and have welcomed more than 7.700 trainee students.

evolution students

Evolution of number of students

evolution companies

Evolution of number of companies

Graduates of more than 80 different degrees, due to its experience in GAIA Program, have been incorporated to companies in sectors such as pharmaceutical, financial, TIC, energy and water, tourism, consulting and the food industries. 63 graduates participated in the first call, increasing to 1.091 graduates in 2018.


Students from over 40 nationalities are a part of the program, reflecting its multicultural diversity and the excellent learning experience that our students obtain during their training.

gaia ipad

The program trajectory is driven by constant innovation. In 2015, it has evolved from a knowledge community 3.0 based on cooperative learning, and “we learning” to a new platform 4.0 with a XLearning methodology, which is based on an experiential learning where the students choose what they want to learn about. In 2017, the new platform 5.0 had a new learning concept based on decision making and innovation where the training is adapted to the students’ interests.


96% of students who participated in the Gaia Program recommend it as a good opportunity to take the first steps into the job market.

students gaia

7 out of 10 Gaia alumni are working, mostly employed by others, in middle management positions or as specialized professionals. Also, 3% of Gaia graduates have started their own businesses.


80% of our students consider the Gaia Program as a facilitator to join the job market.

Master in Decision Making & Innovation 2.0


Draw in the most talented students and offer them
an English Masters by the University of Alcalá

fue selects candidates

FUE selects candidates

With eagerness and self development desire

Holding multidisciplinary degrees.

From any Spanish or international university.

Sufficiently fluent in English to access the Master Program

we prepare them

We prepare our students

To meet the skills highly demanded by market.

With training applied to what the company really needs.

Advantaging an online learning based on an XLearning methodology.

Promoting direct communication with tutors and international experts.

To make decisions

company chooses

The company chooses

Date of incorporation to the job.

Personalized selection process.

Duration (6 to 12 months) and a monthly stipend starting at 800 euros.

National or international destinations.

fue guarantees

Guarantees due to FUE

Its professionalism and proven experience.

Guarantee of academic support by Universidad de Alcalá.

Tutorial follow up  and fully supervised student tracking.

Processing fees covered by FUE (social security and other fees).

Good practices

Draw in the most talented students

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