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Number of students

Since 2008, when Airbus hosted its first 5 GAIA students, the number of young graduates who have carried out a GAIA internship in the company has grown exponentially with each new edition.

During this period of time, Airbus has hosted over 2.200 interns at its locations in Cádiz, Madrid, Sevilla, Toledo, Albacete and Barcelona, over 400 just in 2017.

Profiles and key universities

GAIA interns hosted by Airbus since 2008 respond to diverse degree profiles:

Aeronautical Engineers

Industrial Engineers

Business Administration graduates

Aerospace Engineering graduates

Graduates from other degree areas

Graduates selected by Airbus to participate in GAIA Program hold degrees from a long list of universities,

although an important percentage are alumni from:

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Universidad Carlos III

Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña

Universidad de Sevilla

Airbus Minds Program

In 2016 we launched the Airbus Group Minds Program. In 2017 there have been 26 incorporations.  This new program − designed by Fundación Universidad-Empresa, Universidad de Alcalá and EOI − is focused on training young professionals for the aeronautical sector and combines:

gaia airbus


Practical training at Airbus Group

courses gaia


Offered by the company and EOI

gaia uah airbus


Conducted by the Universidad de Alcalá y FUE


I carried out my internship at Airbus Group for almost a year. It was a great opportunity to take my first steps as an engineer in a leading company. I have worked with people from many different countries and have had the chance to acquire problem solving skills.

MARTA MEDINA GONZÁLEZ Intern at Airbus Operations S.L

Thanks to my experience at Airbus Group, I not only know that what I learned at the university and later in GAIA is useful, but I’ve also learned know how to behave and interact in a work environment.

MIGUEL GARCÍA CEPEDA – Intern at Airbus Operations S.L

GAIA and Airbus Group took me by the hand and guided me from the “what now? at the end of my degree studies to the job market. Now I am a GAIA ambassador and I would not change my experience for anything in the world.

RAFAEL RAYA JIMÉNEZ – Intern at Airbus Operations S.L

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