The overall module aim was for the students to learn the general concepts of financial markets and provide the tools they need to make their own financial decisions with greater skill and confidence. In this activity, the students have learned how to build a diversified portfolio and also they have analyzed the companies that are worth investing in.


Task to do (4th -25th March)

Students were asked to identify their investment risk profile and to create a profile within the private GAIA competition “BEAT THE ROBOT”.
They had to create a diversified portfolio by investing in different financial markets with the objective of building a diversified portfolio taking into account the investment risk profile obtained.
Feedforward: next time do it even better (27th-31st March)

After reviewing the performance of the students within the BEAT THE ROBOT competition, the experts Marco Collado and Rubén Castillo shared with them some feedback about their performance. Apart from that, they talked about future steps students could follow to continue with their investments.

Final Ranking BEAT THE ROBOT competition


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