We have studied the canons of rhetoric and the persuasion mechanisms that play a role in communication and leadership skills.

Our students learned the importance of planning each canon of rhetoric (invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery) before giving a talk and paid attention to the three persuasive appeals (ethos, logos, and pathos).

The contents have been studied through practice analyzing both TED talks and Elevator Pitches.

Half of the module has been developed in groups of 3 students, each of them assuming the expertise of one persuasive appeal and then sharing the conclusions with the rest of the group.



The task to do (6th -26th May)

  • Understand what the canons of rhetoric and the persuasion appeals are and why they are important in our everyday life.
  • Analyze the chosen TED Talk following the 5 canons of rhetoric.
  • Be able to detect all the elements that appear on the video and relate them to the canons of rhetoric.
  • Analyze the Elevator Pitch your group has chosen following the persuasive appeals (ethos, logos, and pathos).
  • Answer the questions and issues included in each of the persuasive appeals templates.
  • Get together with your group and discuss the analysis from your appeal of expertise.
  • Be able to write an essay with your personal conclusions.

Feedforward: next time do it even better (27th-31st May)

On the whole, students’ activities were well developed since they performed exhaustive analysis both in Activity 1 and Activity 2.

The most common difficulties for them have been identifying concepts like maxims, proverbs, aphorisms, etc ( Canon of Rhetoric – Invention) since it required an extra difficulty of understanding the concepts and identifying them in the text.

A recommendation, made by the expert as well, is to use videos’ transcriptions to better develop the analysis of the video.

One of the challenges of this activity was the group work of the second part. After the activity has ended we can say that it’s been a success.


Handwritten notes of a student analyzing the Canons of Rhetoric:


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