We would like to congratulate all the team members for the three projects they had to work on. It has been a brilliant work!
Ok, let’s focus on more details…

We intended that students enrolled in this unit were motivated as long as we told you beforehand that quotas were set up for this unit and it involved working on 3-member teams. On top of it, we rather boastfully announced that you were going to be part of a project with the potential of curing many human diseases.

Are you interested in becoming part of one of the most engaging and rewarding endeavours humans will face in the future? 

That was our welcome card to this unit. Let’s see how we have lived to the high standards we aimed to.

 Firstly, we have to say we’re quite satisfied with the first deliverable – 1) Detailed Organization System setup and meetings’ records you have had.

Almost all of the teams showed evidences of the meetings. A majority set up a workable and functional organizations system. Less teams than we expected elaborated a system that envisioned the scope and restrictions the team had to face. In fact, we must admit that we did not make it easy to you as we talked about the interchangeably of managing the project and about managing the deliverables. That was tricky. You may have noticed you indeed worked in three projects for three clients.

Most of you had never heard of CRISPR before, let alone of rare diseases. A qualified few engaged in lengthy research about the technicalities of DNA editing and CRISPR technology. This analysis helped them to achieve a deeper elaboration of deliverables.

Secondly, – 3) The survey exhibit for the FDA – we know that many of you feel you have fallen into a trap because Leber’s congenital amaurosis (LCA) disease means you have to deal with blind people. Sorry, we did not tell you! Though a quick search on the Internet reveals it. Please bear in mind that, in project management, it is important to have the requirements clear; it’s the only way to align the company and client’s goals.

Thirdly, – 5) A clear identification of the stakeholders for NHS’s project. Apparently, it was one of the easiest deliverables. We demanded you the identification. Some people provided a list, others add supporting reasons. Most of the teams didn’t take into account animal rights activists. Monkeys are primates. Our family!

Fourthly, – 7) The formulation of Quality Assurance plan and the Quality Control Plan required by NHS. We knew this deliverable was quite challenging if teams had not elaborated a complete and articulate WBS. Let’s say the workouts’ reviews shed light on which teams did a formulation of the plans and which ones only reproduced the previous knowledge that team members had.

Finally, about your Kanbans, we saw that most of them are quite elaborated but in some cases you just defined what is the way to make a kanban instead of doing it for this project. Your risk matrices are quite right and we saw you understood the main point in this field.

In two weeks we’ll give you a thorough feedback, singling out the best contributions.


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