“Corporate Social Responsibility”

Hi Gaians

First of all, I want to tell you that it was a pleasure work with you, during the development of Air Solarium Unit and some of the optative units within the Air module.

The main purpose of Solarium Activity was that you could apply the contents you have been studying in the iBook “Corporate Social Responsibility”

You had the opportunity to learn the history of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its elements, by identifying stakeholders, implementing CSR in companies and finding out how some companies with the CSR reputation has incorporated this concept into their business model.

In order to achieve the main objective for this activity, you have played the role of the CEO’s intern assistant and prepared an action plan with the objective that your company may accomplish ONE of the169 targets proposed on the SDG, in a determined country.

Considering the number of students enrolled, there has been a 90,08 % of activity accomplishment and amongst your answers the 17 Goals have been covered, even though some have been more popular than others:

Check the following graph indicating the percentage of goals selection:




Your contributions to the workouts have shown that you have understood and investigated this subjects, although I’ve detected some confusion in the selection of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) at the moment to create the requested action plan draft, attending to the core business of your assigned companies. I think this is probably due to the recent launch of SDG so there has not been enough time for a complete acquisition of all this knowledge.

Although many of you were not acquainted with the SDG, because they were introduced only a year ago, in my opinion you have managed to give the importance and the prominence that CSR and private sector deserves in order to reach a sustainable world.

After reviewing your workouts, I realized that most of you have identified correctly the SDGs to which the assigned company contributes directly and which are the stakeholders involved in the projects you have mentioned.

I have noticed that in some cases it has been difficult for you to apply the SDG in a practical way. In these cases, I’ve missed more specific strategies that the companies can implement, because these strategies were approached in a very general scope and did not have clear indicators, this fact have made it was more complicated to reach your goal and to measure its progress.

In other cases, the selection of the SDG was not understood in a good way, for example in one case it was selected the SDG12 relating to a program to reduce water, it would have been advisable that a program which directly affects a natural resource would have been linked to the environmental area the SDG13.

Just to bring another example: There has been a case of a retail business with a selection of the SDG16, I see it very ambitious because this target is not even related to the core business of the company and this can make a program difficult to sustain over time.

So it was necessary a previous review of the main line of each goal before selecting the targets to implement by each given company. Also because it is important to note that if a company is looking to improve working conditions, economic growth and becoming a reference employer company then its actions should be impacting directly in the SDG8.

Finally, I recommend you always take into account that a company can contribute directly to more than one SDG, moreover that the SDG will be achieved by the private sector easier if companies work from the inside of the organization to the outside context area they want to impact, especially if these goals are aligned to their core business.


Shannon Elizabeth de Mata Ovando



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