Dear Gaians!

We have finished the evaluation of air Astro, and we can share with you some general conclusions:

The average grade has been 5.9, which is not a bad one, but clearly shows that there is margin for improvement. The variance is 4.6, which clearly shows a big dispersion on the grades. We have seen that most of you do not provide the sources of information and do not include any reference on your workouts! We have observed that lot of people do not provide answers for all the questions made on the workout. Remember to always answer all the questions asked to ensure you can opt to the maximum possible grade.

In addition, you always have the evaluation criteria, where you can see what are we going to take into account!

Most of you have classified the assigned companies within 2 BCG strategies, which is normal. In general the analysis of the strategy has been quite good. There is more variation in the way you present the company.

Again, we gave you lot of guidelines on what aspects we wanted you to cover. Some people has done a great job and gave very good overviews of the company, some other haven’t worked so much on it…


The overall Gaia’s workout performance was really satisfactory. It surprise me on the quality of the workout, some of them really outstanding and going even further of what I was expecting at the first moment.  The KEY on investing is understanding “WHY” and look for it. Understanding WHY leads you into a different scenario where not all investor stands on. Knowing why certain company is increasing its sales or why its net income jumps or surge it’s a question of necessity. If you are not able to catch all what’s behind a company you will never really understand if it’s a good investment or not.

Investing should be approach as a scientific method. You know the data, the company and you make some assumptions of what is the company going to performance on the future. What is not investing is a gamble game where you put a bet on certain stock just because you feel that’s what you have to do.

Keep going with the effort and good job you showed me and become a good investor and try to avoid these pitfalls:

  1. I can’t invest because I don’t have money.
  2. Don’t ever invest because someone said you have to.
  3. Don’t invest if you have not done you research.

If you need anything else from my side don’t hesitate to contact me at


Now that the assessment process is over we want to share with you some thoughts about your workouts and talk about recurring answers we consider interesting to discuss.

On the first question you were required to decide on a target (among a total amount of 169). There were many of you who chose targets related to Gender equality (Goal 5); the second most chosen target was No Poverty (Goal 1) and the third one was related to Climate Action (Goal 13). With your activities you’ve illustrated the main problems our society is facing nowadays and the issues you most engage with.

Apart from the target, you were asked to choose a company and a country on which to focus your action plan. It was a nice surprise for us to see that many of you chose SME companies since there aren’t much information about their current CSR measures; that allows you to start your action plan from scratch!

Regarding the chosen countries, you tended to choose Asian or African countries as they are developing ones and from your point of view they needed more support from your companies. We noticed that only a small amount of students chose developed countries. Don’t you think it would be easier for you to establish relations with the stakeholders if they are from your same country? Do you think a SME company could afford to carry out an action plan focused on Africa?

Moving on, you performed a really good analysis of the current conditions of the company and the country. However, the point of this section was for you to relate this analysis to the chosen target and many of you skipped this last part, which was really important since it was the starting point for the action plan.

Regarding the stakeholders, most of you identified them correctly but failed to explain which were the functions they were going to assume once the plan had been launched. It was not only a matter of identification: for the action plan to be approved your CEO needed to know when and where the stakeholders were going to play a role.

tabla-gaiaIf you remember the main goal of the activity “ …prepare a draft of a plan of action to be presented to your CEO…”, the strategy seems to be one of the main sections of this activity but you devoted to the strategy less effort instead. A little amount of you used specific strategies although there were many examples on the attached guide. For a strategy to succeed it has to have at least SMART goals – as you’ve learnt in AIR module 😉 – , well defined areas, stakeholders involved, and a timing of each action.



Finally you were asked to explain,  from your opinion and based on the contents you’ve learnt about CSR, how the corporate strategy of the company would change after carrying out the plan of action. Here you were supposed to talk about the new stakeholders involved in your company and, are you going to establish the ISO?, will your ethical obligations change?

This last section was the less developed from the vast majority of students.

As a final recommendation, read as much as you can from different sources (iBook, webpages, videos, SDG guides,…) and your knowledge will be broader and as a consequence it will be easier for you to accomplish the workout.

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