Hi Gaians!

The recruitment process has finished and we are here to provide you with feedback about the activity and how you should have dealt with this experience.

We are aware of the different problems that the start-up groups had to find candidates for the recruitment process and we are sorry that this happened. Although we assigned more candidates than companies, not all the candidates participated as we expected in the recruitment process affecting the start-up groups experience.

Apart from the problems that the start-up groups faced during the process, the idea was for you to understand a planning, recruitment and selection process, so you would have been able to find out how these processes work and all the aspects involved. 

This activity had two different stages with specific deadlines. The first stage was what you needed to complete in the Psique Unit. This consisted of planning which job position you needed for your Start-up and to define the HR selection plan to choose the best candidate, while applicants had to create their video CV and to improve their curriculum vitae. 

The second stage was in the Drive unit, which consisted of completing the recruitment process and to experience the hiring and integration process in order to welcome a new employee to the organization.

In the final document that you submitted in the Drive unit, we wanted you to explain every stage of the recruitment process and reflect on what you did by describing the main problems that you found and including evidence for every stage.

In the case of candidates, they should have been very active in their job –seeking role and included evidence of this in the final document. Apart from reflecting on the video CV that they created in the Psique unit based on the Drive iBook, they should have participated at least two gamification processes and given their opinions about how the recruitment processes was at every stage, up to the welcome stage.

In addition, the candidates should have explained with solid arguments why they chose the particular job instead of the other jobs they were offered.

In the case of the start-ups groups, they should have been persistent in the search for candidates using the different channels of communication that were available in the community. Looking for the ideal candidate is not an easy task, so you should have tried all the options possible and not waited until the end of the activity to look for them. The recruitment process can last for months, so if you only had two weeks for this, you should have started straight away!

We are aware that the candidates were not very active during the process, so the start-ups groups should have included evidence that they looked for candidates and the effort they made at every stage. We also wanted to see that the groups reflected on every stage by identifying the main obstacles that they found during the process.

We have already started the assessment process; we hope despite the difficulties that you found during the process, you have managed to understand how the recruitment process works.

We hope this information will be useful!

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