Before reading all the workouts received, I want to share with you my Christmas holidays with my husband, for this holiday, our chosen destination is Iceland from 22 to 28 December, Iceland has always been my dream destination and winter is the best season for Enjoy the polar lights.




As some of you will know, Iceland is a rather expensive destination, so I will have to make use of the sharing economy to enjoy the trip, meet new people and get to know Iceland by the hand of local people.

As in the flight I did not find any option of sharing economy platform, I choose the traditional option and buy tickets for Iceland air, once in Reykjavik we decided to use “Cario” which is a is a certified peer-to-peer car sharing platform in Iceland that enables car owners to share their cars with others in a safe way and rent a car from a local.

For the lodging, we did not want to risk and we chose to use AirBnb. It is an application that we use often and allow us to find house or apartment with a good price and thus we found a complete house for the two and with an incredible mountain view.

To eat we find the application that allows, be a guest and home cooked meals with locals, meet new people and a new culture, who knows maybe here we make friends for the rest of our lives or travels.

Besides, the day that we have reserved for Reykjavik, we will do a tour with free tours that will allow us to know all the secrets of this beautiful city, which only locals know.

And we must not forget something very important for our life in the world today, the internet, for this we use the Fon an application which is a global WiFi community, that allows its users to connect to other users’ access points free of charge, which will enable us to share with our family and friends all our memories.




The benefit of using collaborative economy platforms, as well as meeting new people and entering a new culture, has been a great saving, because using the traditional forms of Booking (€ 105 per night), Rent a Car (€ 120 per day) Restaurants (€ 300 for 6 days), Guided Tours (€ 40 for two people), and roaming service (€ 30 average for 2 GB) our cost would be approximately € 1720 while using Airbnb collaborative economy platforms (€ 71 Per night), Cario (€ 83.70 per day), meal sharing (€ 150 for 6 days), Free Tour (€ 10) and Fon free, would be an approximate € 1106 having a saving of 614 €. Wow!!

I hope everyone has enjoyed as much as I while planning my Christmas holidays.



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