Dear #Gaians,

Here you have my general feedback of the activity. Overall, it has been very interesting reading your workouts.

Just so you know, my mindset while reading them was as if every team was part of the company it was analyzing. Thus I took their work as the work of professionals getting ready to face a new year of customer growth and marketing challenges for their company.

This mindset has aroused mixed feelings. In some cases I felt the company was in good hands; maybe not expert ones, but the hands of people savvy and hard-working enough to keep a company afloat. In other cases, I felt sorry for the company and had serious doubts about its survival.

Some of the areas that have caught my attention and I wanted to share with you:

  • There’s no obvious answer: if you think the answer is too obvious, then probably you’re not being sophisticated enough. For example, when a team says that since its company’s product is an app its obvious channel to reach users is the Internet it is correct, but it is not the right answer. If you were part of said company, you’d never leave the success of reaching new customers on the hands of the Internet. You’d find particular online channels where you could directly interact with your potential customers such as certain social media, forums, YouTube channels, and etcetera.
  • Give it a twist: when preparing the marketing actions for 2017, many teams have responded to some areas by simply stating “Same as in 2016”. If you look around you, you may see that even though some companies seem to use the same marketing actions than in previous years, there is always an element of novelty, something new that gives its old campaign a small twist in order to keep it relevant. In many cases, making something have the same feeling as the year before, in such fast-paced times, involves more thinking and adjustment than can meet the eye.
  • Be original, be a little crazy: many of the marketing plans in your workouts have been very conventional, not innovative enough. In any case we wanted you to be outrageous or absurd, but thinking a little outside the box, putting an iota of craziness and risk into your marketing mix is always refreshing, keeps customers and users awake and aware of your company, and helps refresh any sector.


Some recommendations for the future:

  • Have better conversations and discussions. There’s no better way to learn than sharing ideas and debating over different perspectives. It is easy to tell when a response has been crafted by one single person or when it is the result of a thoughtful, in-depth discussion.
  • Dig deeper: many answers I’ve read are shallow, superficial; which can be a testament of not dedicating enough time or enough interest to the question. By dedicating more time and reflection to any question or challenge you will gain more perspective and thus be able to reach finer ideas and extract better conclusions.
  • Accompany any what with a why: it doesn’t make a lot of sense to just through ideas around. Any proposition, any suggestion must come together with a reasoned argument that supports its pertinence. I have sometimes missed better explanations of why your team decided to implement one action over the other or why you decided to launch an activity in a particular moment of the year instead of another.


Thanks to all of you for your hard work. Now let’s wait for the final corrections which will be provided by the academic tutors in the coming days.

Best, Maria

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