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Hi #Gaians!
We are very proud to say how well you guys have been working on the Transmedia Storytelling activity.

As human beings, we are used to tell and heard stories along the way since childhood. No matter what culture we come from, we all grew up hearing stories. Storytelling is a powerful tool to transmit values and information with a strong emotional charge. The main goal of the activity was to create a story based on the content generated by Influencers helped by Advisors, followed by the rest of students looking for inspirational content.


Well, let’s start at the top reviewing hot spot and fundamental ideas we have seen through your work!

1- The most important thing is the information management you did it and a complete understanding of the activity from all of you: Advisors, Influencers and Followers. (flexed arm emoji)
You showed us through your work the important components of a (great) story, the nature of Storytelling. 😉

Reflection of the techniques the influencer has used to create content by Nerea Ugartetxea Fernández (Advisor) from Paloma Güemes Castrillo work (Influencer role)

The influencer created a very good content, bearing in mind that Space Race is not an easy topic. She has achieved to communicate it in a comprehensive way and outstanding the value of women and animals in the Space Race, showing a great sensitiveness to the merit of these astronauts.


2- You finally made it! You made it a story using different story formats, resources and tools.

Reflection of the techniques the influencers used to create content by Javier Bernaldo de Quirós Guillén (Influencer) from Paula Navarro Muñoz work (Advisor role)

She consider to separate content by paragraphs. ( wise choice)
The use of the hashtag #MisteryDay, to identify all your publications and differentiate them from the rest of the themes.
Use more visual resources. Such as video, music, gifs, to make it more attractive to the target.
Link the publication with another blog or contents that provide more complementary information to the publication theme.
Close and friendly tone.
Encouraged followers to interact.

3- Skills that matter
You now know better the meaning of the expression “let your creativity flow”, the ability to use a language that evokes emotions and connects with others.

When you learn storytelling skills you are able to drive your conversations, presentations and business communications to the top of mind of people creating emotional connection. In the marketing and branding realm, storytelling has always been important, but not only in this fields, moreover, in all aspect of professional and personal life.


4- Extra info loaded ( Nerd face emoji)
You became aware of the importance of such as topics like water.

As Irene Ortiz Crespo says about Jesus Vega Rovirosa (Influencer ) work, “the objective with the posts was that the followers became aware of the problems produced due to water crisis, pollution and climate change.”

The “Influencer experience”, described by Marta Ancín Martín: 

I have never done something similar before as although I use social media, I do not take such an active part on them sharing my day to day lifestyle. However, it has been a very positive experience since I have felt people were reading what I was writing and that was really rewarding and I wanted to make them feel part of this activity.

I felt people has valued what I have been sharing with them and it has made e think about the possibility of starting a blog outside the Gaia platform, something I will continue thinking about. I liked reading the comments of the followers, people from other months telling me that they have decided to write about travels and join us, and that has made it easier and motivating writing the 8 different posts. Overall, I can say I do not regret having accepted being the FEB_18 influencer and I have tried my best.

Thanks Marta for your feedback!

Make a story is like to make a cake, we have many ingredients and we are going to mixed everything, adding emotions, charming characters and at the end people involved have to be very happy with the result. 😉

Great job, #Gaians!

Keep working!

Daniela Gallardo
Social Networks Team.


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