In the Business writing module, students needed to learn the appropriate vocabulary and structure to face academic and formal writing texts. They have apprehended how to develop cover letters, abstracts, reports, proposals, job acceptance, and self resumes.

The goal of Strategy was learning concepts linked to the digital economy and corporate strategy with regard to the creation and development of a born-digital company.

Regarding Product Management, it was a module for learning how to detect different business problems and how to solve them improving its product in all its life cycle.

Tasks to do 1/04/19 – 29/04/19

Business writing: They had to write an abstract and a cover letter to combine the academic and working works.

Strategy: They should have analyzed the specific case of a company, We work, to learn its business strategy by answering several questions of it.

Product Management: The activity was focused on analyzing and facing Twitter’s problems so its product could be boosted. They had 3 compulsory questions to answer appropriately with some surveys to develop, together with another optional exercise in which they should have proposed a new product.

Feedforward: next time do it even better (April 29th)

After analyzing the diverse performance of the students, some activities were showed so they could see how it would have been advisable to develop the tasks and how they can get better performance if they need to do similar projects in the future.


Here are just a few examples of some good goals to keep in mind when planning your campaign:
1. Engagement: Social media engagement is critical! Is your campaign resulting in more interaction between your account and other Twitter users?
2. Drive traffic: Are people coming to your website or landing page via Twitter? Are they performing the desired task once they land on your site?
3. Brand Awareness: How many people are exposed to your ad?
4. Influence: How are you comparing to your competitors? Are a lot of people talking about your brand?
5. Fans: Is your follower count growing? Are influential people tweeting about your brand? [Gabriel Daroca Navarro. Product Management]

There is a correlation established between the plastic left in the seas by fishing and the arrival of this plastic to the organism of people who consume fish, in the same way, that the dissolution of this plastic involves a decrease in pH and therefore acidification of the waters, and thus a factor influencing the heat dissipation capacity of the oceans and therefore a damaging fact in the face of global warming. [Luis Cano Gonzalo. Abstract in Business Writing]

I would define WeWork growth strategy as diverse and complete. This business has done several things to reach its current level of development. Firstly, WeWork has extended its market by creating other products such as WeGrow or WeLive, which are not directly related to the workspace business. By doing this they can have a greater presence in more sectors with more clients, then having more profits. [Héctor Bernardo Herrada Fernández. Strategy]

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