We have studied the “Seven Elements of Negotiation” and the roots of the Win-Win Negotiations based in finding solutions that work for everyone.

Our students improved their skills to be able to make effective decisions, to manage projects in an assertive way and to find the best option to a negotiated agreement.

The contents have been studied by solving a proposed case-study: the performance of an “Employment Offer Negotiation”.

The activity has been developed in groups of 4 students, 2 students took part in the negotiation as a Recruitment Manager and his Assistant while the other two students played the roles of the job candidate (a recent MBA graduate) and his agent.

JUN_19_DM Presentation

The task to do (3rd -24th June)

To develop the negotiation, students were personally assigned with a role (Recruiter manager or Job offer candidate) and received confidential Instructions for playing that role. Following these instructions, students, first designed their negotiation strategy and their BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement) and second, they when into a real negotiation with the other party, and they recorded it.

Feedforward: next time do it even better (24th-26th June)

On the whole, students’ activities were well developed since they played accurate roles in negotiating job conditions.
The most common difficulty for them has been figuring out possible ZOPA regions (Zone Of Possible Agreement) before going into the negotiation since it required an extra difficulty of analyzing possible situations in advance.

One of the challenges of this activity was the group work. After the activity has ended we can say that it’s been a success.


Tatiana Cuervo Blanco, Eid Maraqah and Sara Díaz Monedero, GAIA Students during their negotiation performance:

Negotiations Scenerio: Salary Increase. Source: William Lightfoot, Youtube

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