Transmedia storytelling is a type of narrative where a story is told across multiple media and communication platforms. it is a powerful tool to transmit values and information with a strong emotional charge.


Task to do (26th November – 17th December)

Students needed to choose an existing brand and create an engaging story addressing a specific audience. The format they had to follow was:

  • Chose a brand or logo they liked
  • Write an engaging story
  • Transpose the story to another platform (a comic, video, etc.)
  • Feedforward: next time do it even better (17th -19th December)

Here, ways of using different vocabulary and writing skills to catch the attention of the reader were taught, together with some advices to transmit a positive image of the brand and design well the transposal of the story.


Although you feel like you are having the best day of your life, you suddenly realize you’re in bed, you look at the alarmclock and realize it has stopped working, and you are late! That’s why the new Casio Awake alarm clock, with a low battery indicator, will prevent your alarm from stopping working in the middle of the night. Don’t let a good sleep interrupt your real life.”  [Pablo Bellido Alba ]

30 years ago my hometown got isolated by the snow. My grandpa taught me this was “The old ways” that will give us good things, but the weather got worse. One night, a Valmet tractor, driven by my grandpa, came and started cleaning all the roads. My father asked to him “How did the “Old ways” work this time, father?”, and my grandpa answered while tapping the Valmet “Almost as good as the new ones, son, almost as good as the new ones”. [ Luis Lázaro Hoz ]


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