Effective Communication is an essential skill to transmit messages to specific audiences in diverse situations. In this way, we have provided theoretical concepts and practical tools so students are capable of addressing their information efficaciously through different cases.



Task to do (8th -28th January)

Students needed to create a video of themselves transmitting their ideas effectively, meeting specific objectives and writing a document supporting their message. There were five types of videos to choose with different characteristics:

  • Elevator Pitch: presenting a business idea to obtain funds.
  • Pecha Kucha: an exposition of a project in a company.
  • TED talk: inspirational or motivational speech.
  • Job interview (in pairs): get a job and promote a company.
  • Radio interview (in pairs): raise awareness about a social topic.

Feedforward: next time do it even better (28th -30th January)

After reviewing the tasks they have delivered, some advice was told: ways of modulating the tone of the voice according to their contents and audience and best gestures and postures to speak more competently looking at the public. In other words: providing them with mechanisms to enhance their communication competencies.


  • Elevator Pitch Jorge Padrino


  • Radio interview Mohamed Amin Korri and Pablo Bellido Alba


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