Innovation and change are the key drivers of success in many industries nowadays. In this unit, the students have worked with “design thinking” and “lean startup” methodologies to produce ideas, to create and to innovate in the process.


Task to do (4th -25th February)

Students were asked to find a practical solution and create a prototype to solve one of the following challenges for the humanity: Energy, Food, Water, Security, Learning and Disaster resilience

As possible prototypes, students were suggested to choose between three categories:

  • Products: paper products, Lego “SeriousPlay”, 3D printers…
  • Services: Customer Journey maps, Infographics, web pages…
  • Softwares: App simulations with Marvel…

Feedforward: next time do it even better (27th February-30th March)

After reviewing the tasks they have delivered, some advice was told: To make prototypes reliables it is important to be sure that the solution achieved makes an impact in customers lives. It is also important to know that the prototype can be implemented in a six months period. Summarizing an Innovation project is based in teamwork and efficient work


  • Isabel Muñoz, Rebeca Viday and Oscar Barceló
    Software prototype: Marvel app simulation “Bully Busters!”



  • Daniel de Careaga, Elena Odriozola, María Guerrero, Víctor Girón
    Service prototype: A service to connect already existing internet-providing infrastructures with eLearning platforms like edX, Coursera and Duolingo in Nigeria


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