We have studied agile and project management methodologies so that students could learn how to face the management of a project with multidisciplinary teams effectively. They have understood how to use project management techniques and how important communication is for these type of works.

Moreover, the students have developed a project in groups managing one of the 7 Artemis missions proposed by NASA that has the ultimate objective of establishing human colonies there by 2028.

The task to do (1st to 29th of July)

Students were part of a bloc. Each bloc had a specific Artemis mission assigned and it was composed by 7 Gaia and 1 Bridge groups (another program). Each group only worked in one of the eight assigned different aspects of the mission: logistics (they developed the Work Breakdown Structure of the mission), team coordination (The organizational Chart), environment (The Environmental Impact Assessment), law and finance, (The budget), engineering (The prototype), culture and education (The kanban), risks (The risk matrix) and innovation (for Bridge students).

Even though each team delivered its own activity, all the activities of the same bloc had to be connected having information from the other groups of the bloc.

Feedforward: next time do it even better (29th of July to 2sd of August)

The students’ activities were well developed in general as they have communicated with the other members of the bloc, delivering an activity with everybody’s information.

We can say that they have understood the difficulties of working with different teams in charge of different aspects that were essential for developing their own part. They have developed their parts effectively and they have learned how to communicate and work in teams, even though it was a challenging task.

They also have learned how difficult missions, such as the NASA projects, need to be developed and how important is to manage them well from the beginning.

We can, therefore, confirm that the activity have been a success and they have enjoyed the task.



Environmental Impact Assessment. Carlos Sanz, José Ramón Roldán Roldan, Jesús Suárez Álvarez, Irene Méndez Martínez Bloc 11- Mission 4

Video. Marlon Molina, Technology Specialist, Director at Computerworld University, with an introduction of Project Management and  a further explanation of what project management is.

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