Hoy me gustaría hablaros de Optimismo Inteligente, un término acuñado por Luis Galindo, quien nos hace una pregunta “¿De verdad tenemos motivos para ser optimistas?”

Today, I would like to reflect on Intelligent Optimism, a term coined by Luis Galindo, who asks us a question “Do we really have reasons to be optimistic?”

We’ve spent years suffering an economic crisis, but mostly suffering a crisis of consumer confidence and collective pessimism. Who has not heard typical sentences as “If I were younger …” “I can’t change anything…” We live in a resigned society and, as Luis Bassat says, “resignation is daily suicide”. Luis Galindo ensures that every of us has reasons to be optimistic, to be smart optimistic.


This concept entails a re-illusion of society; we have to look the positive part of our daily lives. But we have to differentiate it from being cynical, the goal is to lead a more positive life objectively and realistically, looking at the bright side of everything that happens to us and putting our effort to change what is wrong or what we don’t like.

Intelligent Optimism teaches us that although things are difficult; if you do it with enthusiasm you will get your goals easier. We talk about putting twice passion and enthusiasm in everything we do, not just settle with being effective at work and having poor social relationships. We have to do our best to get an excellent life.

As Mandela said “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living”, the important thing to give the maximum of yourself and to become an example to all those around us .

Therefore Intelligent Optimism tells us to fight for the best version of ourselves, to enjoy the moments with the five senses and leave the skin in everything we do.

This attitude is the key that can lead us to enjoy life to 100%.

Lorena Gómez
Community Manager

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