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Hi, Gaians!

I would like to give you some general feedback about the activity of Personal Branding unit: Elevator Pitch. The objective of this activity was that the students learn how to present their Personal Brand in a video of less than one minute. The perfect elevator pitch should consist of 3 elements that complement each other.

Elevator pitch elements:

1. Who are you? Present yourself shortly: share your name and give some information about the school that you attended, your studies and your current work.

2. What are your major accomplishments, passions, and unique skills? Talk about your unique selling point and your skills in the interesting and engaging way. 

3. What do you want/ where are you going career-wise? Finally, you should talk about what you look for professionally. 

These 3 parts are very important and together give the complete information about us, our unique skills that differentiate us from other candidates and our career aspirations. We can also mention our passions and what is important to us, which would tell a recruiter what kind of person we are and if we match with the company philosophy and its values.

Watch the next video about creating impacting elevator pitches in real situations, which could help you in the future:


After watching your elevator pitches, I have noticed that many people have included only the minimum information. It is important to include all the information required in the 3 elements that together compose the elevator pitch. Other important factors, which weren´t taken into account in some recordings were: tone of voice and voice speed, body language, sound, lightening and video background. Please keep these things in mind for the future.

Practice, practice and practice!!! Remember that practice is the key to feel more confident and comfortable with your pitch. It is such a pity that we lose so many great opportunities, only because we are not enough prepared. Next time, when the opportunity appears, be prepared for it and take advantage of it

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