One of the most important objectives of GAIA 3.0 Program is to get more familiarized students with social networks.

Nowadays we live in a global society where we are all interconnected and without noticing we are constantly building our personal brand through social media. We use everyday Facebook, Twitter & Instagram thinking that anyone is following our mini cyber world.

We must have in mind that at the end of the day this is a small world and we don´t know where we can find our next employer. This is an aspect that we should really take in consideration. You must create and take care of your personal branding at every moment. You don´t need to create two Facebook profiles, only be aware of not publishing your Saturday night pictures with inappropriate contents.

Social Media is a perfect opportunity to create a valuable reputation of yourself, but if you don´t use this tool properly it can become a harmful weapon.

Just remember:
1.    Employers will Google you before they even invite you to an interview.
2.    Your current employer probably has an eye on what you’re doing.
3.    When you interact with people, both online and offline, they’ll build up an image of who you are over time.

But here is the good news!
You can be in control of all of these impressions you only have to develop your brand. I leave you “The First Step To Building Your Personal Brand”(click on the image to access) an article from Forbes, in order to learn some tips and do your best.

Before reading this article I recommend you to GOOGLE YOUR NAME, and discover how you look like at the cyber world.

Luisa Sousa

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