One year ago, 26 students of high potential were chosen by Airbus to be part of a new, disruptive initiative: Airbus Minds program. And they have just finished their training!

Along these months, Minds students have been following partially Gaia’s academic modules. But their training has gone beyond. Different experienced professionals from Airbus and EOI have lead special in-class trainings, in order to allow our Minds to develop their soft skills: teamwork, emotional intelligence, strategy, or leadership among others, have help the students’ learning, and also guided them to design their life projects.

The closing ceremony took place in Airbus Getafe last Thursday. The students got their diplomas, and shared with the audience what this program has meant for them. They even prepared a video telling their experience! Purificación Moscoso, director of Gaia Master in Professional Developments from University of Alcalá (UAH), as well as some of the professionals who have accompanied the students, also shared their advise and experience with them.

We want to wish the best luck to this great group! Your professional career has just started, and we expect great things from all of you. Congratulations!

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