I can imagine how everyone is enjoying summer, taking some relaxing days in a faraway paradise. But sometimes we may relate a glamorous destiny with high prices, but if you´re really smart you can get both!

No budget to pay a room? Here is the solution: Couchsurfing.org. Founded in 2004 by Casey Fenton, the website is an international network that connects travelers with locals in over 230 countries and territories making it easy to get around, and couch surf, for cheap. The main idea is to save the money for the hotel and meet great people along the way.


Now you have your lodging solved, but you have to figure out your transportation… Meet Blablacar a community that connects drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride. The European network is making travel social, money-saving and more efficient for millions of members across Europe achieving over 600,000 members travelling every month.


Finally you must choose your destination! I share with you an article published at Elle Magazine entitled “8 Wallet-Friendly Getaways”.


Hoping you have lots of fun these last weeks of summer!

Luisa Sousa

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