September is here again!! When we think about September, too many things appear in our minds: back to study, back to work, changes, and new opportunities… Many people are completely afraid with the arrival of September, but when we think on September, we have the feeling that a new stage is coming, new objectives and new goals. We would like to transmit you such a good feeling and we hope that you are able to understand what we are saying. We hope you all had great holidays and you had time enough to relax and charge batteries in order to start a new module!

In addition, we would like to welcome the September students who start in GAIA 3.0. It is a pleasure for the GAIA team to have so many students this month; we are sure that you all will become familiar with the community and become friends very fast. We encourage you to introduce yourselves in “You & Me” section and welcome module (page 5) in order to know more about you, your interest or hobbies. We are sure that you all will learn as much as you can and we wish you will enjoy at the same time.
As you can check, we have introduced some changes in the community according to some of your suggestions. If you have any other proposals to improve the community, please, share them with us! It is good to hear some new ideas!
GAIA team gives you a warm welcome to this amazing learning experience!

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