In the increasingly interconnected world we live in, technological advances have enabled individuals to benefit from the development of digital tools- but building digital capacity is about much more than adapting to the use of technology on a daily basis; rather, it is about embracing digital technology by developing new ways of dealing with information, working and learning in a digitalized context.

As human beings, we are used to tell and heard stories along the way since childhood. No matter what culture we come from, we all grew up hearing stories. Storytelling is a powerful tool to transmit values and information with a strong emotional charge.

When you learn storytelling skills you are able to drive your conversations, presentations and business communications to the top of mind of people creating emotional connection. Meanwhile, students will learn how to get around the available digital and technological tools and how to make the most of this GAIA experience.




  • understand the digital skills and capabilities that are required for work.
  • develop stories by following the multiple stages of the writing and creative process, with an emphasis on motivation.
  • experiment with storytelling strategies from fiction, comics, and film-making.

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