Effective communication is the study of “communication in practice”. It’s concerned with the fact that communication is not only how you convey a message but also if this message has been received and understood by someone in exactly the way you intended.

The way we transmit our message plays a key role in this process, and it is even more important than the message itself. Students are going to learn different techniques that will help them to transmit their messages adequately and sell their personal brands if they need to, using an appropriate voice tone, vocabulary and body language for their purposes.




  • Students will know the type of questions they need ask to themselves before a presentation and how to deal with the public transmitting a message effectively.
  • They will learn how to focus on their strengths and maintain the concentration on a presentation.
  • They will be able to understand how they transmit a message it is more important than what they say and put this concept into practice.
  • Learners will have the necessary tools to work in the public space and express different emotions with their voice tone.

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