During this month students are going to study the following topics: Project Management, Agile, Public-Private Partnership, and Project Appraisal


Nowadays, managing projects is an essential skill as more businesses use projects to implement change in their organizations, or at least to stay in the game. In this way, project management is a success, not only for the the organization but also for its clients and reputation.


The overall module aim is to enable students to improve their project management skills in order to be able to manage work projects effectively. Thus, the students will learn how to apply key project management techniques and tools to their job to make their assignments more successfully

Moreover, due to the 50th anniversary from the arrival of the human being to the Moon, the activity will be done managing one of the seven Artemis missions proposed by NASA, that has the ultimate objective of establishing human colonies there by 2028.

World Space Week-01In addition, the activity is going to be developed in collaboration with the World Space Week of October 2019, so the best blocs are going to have the chance of explaining their proposal to several enterprises, some of them are associated with ESA and other public organizations, such as CSIC, INTA, etc.

The required tasks to complete are:

  • Attend to the online lessons taking place on the 3th, 17th, and 24th of July
  • Develop a project of a specific aspect based on one of the seven Artemis missions in groups. Those groups will form part of a big bloc formed by other seven Gaia teams, and one group from another program, Bridge.
  • Each group must work on its aspect of the assigned Artemis mission.
  • All the groups of the bloc must be in constant communication with each other as they all will need the information of all of them to perform their tasks effectively.
  • There is another optional activity done individually about Project Appraisal to analyze, economically, how to introduce WIFI in the first city of the Moon.


  • Students will learn predictive and agile methodologies of project management.
  • Students will understand the importance of managing a big project with several participants.
  • Students will comprehend how to keep constant communication with different partners.

Video The Artemis missions and the activity of project management told by a young student, Nuria Rovira, currently working as an trainee in Gaia, who has acted as a “living lab” for this activity.

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