GAIA is a program created by: Universidad de Alcalá, Fundación CIFF & Fundación Universidad-Empresa, which principal´s objective is to help university students to access into the labor market, by improving their professional competences and encouraging international mobility.
In GAIA we are sure that the best way to learn is by combining the academic field with real situations, that´s why the Program contemplates an Academic dimension mixed up with an Internship, in which more than 50 companies participate, such as; Heinekein, EADS, Iberia, Canal Isabel II, Airbus & Alcampo.

But, who is the GAIA Student?
The GAIA Student must be an university student (more than 79 different degrees), younger than 30 years old, with no experience in his/her studied field and the most important of all; a lot of attitude & motivation!!
In the last editions we have a considerable growth from foreigner students, which is great to promote the international mobility.

What GAIA Program pretends?
Nothing would make us happier than to know that our GAIA students are the most successful leaderships & entrepreneurs.
And we have good news! Even though the economic situation in Europe is tough, GAIA students have a higher level of recruitment than students from other programs of its nature.

So if you´re already a GAIA Student, Congratulations!!!
If you aren´t we invite you to apply!! Follow on Facebook GAIAProgram & Fundación Universidad Empresa and be aware of all our internships!

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